Guy Tweeted Mia Khalifa Punched Him For Taking A Selfie With Her, Mia Gave A Pure Gold Reply


Former adult star, Mia Khalifa, is known for her bold nature onscreen as well as off-screen. Her career has been a roller coaster ride of controversies.

Several fans came forward to defend Mia by sharing photos and claiming she was not averse to selfies as long as they were taken with her consent. A fan posted a selfie with Mia and said that Mia was very patient and well behaved with her.

In response to her tweet, Mia gave an indirect reply to the guy who said he was punched for taking a photo. Here’s what Mia wrote,

In her tweet, the adult star clearly gave the reason for her behavior with the guy. This proves that the guy had forcefully taken a selfie, due to which he got this treatment.

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