Gautam Gambhir Slammed Arvind Kejriwal for Excluding Sikkim From India –


On Saturday, a newspaper advertisement that erroneously implied that Sikkim is not a part of the country, has led to heavy criticism for AAP government. The ad showed Sikkim as an independent country along with Nepal and Bhutan.

A senior officer of Directorate of Civil Defence (HQ) responsible for the “error” in the advertisement has been suspended with immediate effect for publishing that advertisement.

Also, AAP party chief and Delhi’s CM, Arvind Kejriwal reacted on the same on his social media. He took to Twitter and wrote that such mistakes cannot be tolerated and also informed that the ad has been withdrawn. His tweet read,

“Sikkim is an integral part of India. Such errors also cannot be tolerated. Advertisement has been withdrawn and action taken against the officer concerned.”

When cricketer turned politician Gautam Gambhir, noticed the tweet he came up with a savage reply to the CM of Delhi. In his reply, Gautam Gambhir gave it back to Kejriwal for the blunder. He wrote:

“रोज़ सुबह उठ कर अपना चेहरा देखने और दिखाने का नशा इंसान को अमानवीय बना देता है। कभी कभी इसी वजह से शर्मिंदा भी होना पड़ता है।”

(Which translates into- The addiction to wake up every morning to see and show your face makes a person inhuman. Sometimes for this reason, you also have to be ashamed.)



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