Gautam Gambhir Explains Why M S Dhoni Gonna Still Lead The CSK in Next Season of IPL –


MS Dhoni, the former Indian cricketer, is viewed as one of the best captains worldwide. With his skilled game, he took both the Indian cricket team and his IPL group Chennai Super Kings higher than ever.

The connection between the Chennai Super Kings, it’s fans, and MS Dhoni is something that is venerated by a large number of individuals out there. Their relationship was hailed even by former cricketer Gautam Gambhir.

All things considered, conversing with ESPN Crick info, Gautam Gambhir communicated that CSK is one of the best groups of IPL in light of the connection among Dhoni and CSK’s proprietors.

This is not what you call leading from front': Gambhir slams MS Dhoni for batting at no.7 against RR | Cricket News – India TV

He likewise asserted that he won’t be shocked if MS Dhoni keeps on driving CSK in IPL 2021. He stated: “So I would not be surprised if they continue with MS and MS plays till the time he wants to play. And then next year he still continues to be the captain and have a much different squad than what he has this time around,”

I keep saying that why CSK is CSK is because of the relationship between the owners and the captain. They have given all the freedom to MS, and MS has received all the mutual respect from the owners as well,” he added.

Besides this Gautam Gambhir also talked about the great bonding shared by CSK and MS Dhoni. He additionally conceded that Dhoni would’ve had some restless nights this season.

He said: “So CSK saying they are going to continue with MS – it is just the relationship, it is just the mutual respect. That’s why MS has been so loyal (to the Super Kings). That’s why MS has given everything: heart and soul, his sweat, sleepless nights – I’m sure he must have had sleepless nights while he has continued captaining CSK,” 

Gautam Gambhir: Would not be surprised if MS Dhoni is retained as CSK captain in 2021 | Cricket News - Times of India

Meanwhile , CSK has a hard luck in the IPL 2020 as it has got eliminated from the game .



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