From Bungalow of ₹469 Crores To ₹336 Crores Worth Hotel, This is The Insane Luxurious Life of CR7 –


Chritiano Ronaldo is world’s No.1 footballer and always create magic by showing his skilled game. However, Do you know that the Portugal player is one of the richest in the squad.

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Forbes Magazine has revealed the names of some of the richest players of the world and Ronaldo is one of them. The list has Roger Federer with 106.3 Million Dollars (802 Cr) , after that Christiano Ronaldo, who earns 105 Million Dollars (793 Cr.) and is on the second position.

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Ronaldo earns a huge amount of 200 Cr. every year through endorsements. When he earns this much money , it’s pretty obvious to live a life King size and that’s what this Portugal player does.

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In the year 2016, Ronaldo bought a luxurious hotel for the enjoyment of his girlfriend and kids . It costed him 336Cr.

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Ronaldo’s hotel
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Ronaldo’s house….

Also , he bought a lavish house with all the luxuries worth Rs. 469Cr.

In the year 2017, Ronaldo was dating  Georgina Rodríguez . Before her, he had a long list of girlfriends including : Irina Shayk , Gemma Atkinson, Nereida Gallardo, Merche Romero, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

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Ronaldo is fond of football and high speed cars as well. He is the owner of 20 luxuries high speed cars.

From Bungalow of ₹469 Crores To ₹336 Crores Worth Hotel.webp

Those who do not know, Ronaldo has purchased the most expensive car in the world ‘Bugatti La Voiture‘ this year. He spent 75Cr. to buy this beast.

Some of the other collections include:

1 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

1604200270 997 From Bungalow of ₹469 Crores To ₹336 Crores Worth Hotel

The addition of another super speedy car to his garage proves that Ronaldo is addicted to speed. It costs approximately $340,000.

2 BMW M6( 68Lakh)

1604200270 333 From Bungalow of ₹469 Crores To ₹336 Crores Worth Hotel.webp

Ronaldo is so fond of cars that whenever a new version is launched in the market, he buys it. Ronaldo bought an updated version of BMW in 2006, which at the time was worth about Rs 68 lakh.

3 Bugatti Veyron (11.3 Cr) 

1604200270 554 From Bungalow of ₹469 Crores To ₹336 Crores Worth Hotel.webp

Ronaldo’s car collection also includes the top model of ‘Bugatti Vairan’. The price of this luxury car is around 12 crores. Ronaldo bought the car after winning his first match at the 2016 FIFA Club World Cup.

4 Bentley Continental GTC (1 Cr.)

1604200270 405 From Bungalow of ₹469 Crores To ₹336 Crores Worth Hotel.webp

 After purchasing BMW in 2006, Ronaldo also bought a ‘Bentley Continental GTC’ car in 2007. At that time, the cost of this car was around 1 crore rupees.

5 Mercedes Benz C Class (37 Lakh) 

1604200270 91 From Bungalow of ₹469 Crores To ₹336 Crores Worth Hotel.webp

Ronaldo had also bought a Mercedes Benz C class model car in 2007, which was worth around Rs 37 lakh.

After this, Ronaldo’s sixth car was ‘Porsche’, which was worth about 46 lakhs. The seventh car was ‘Ferrari’, which cost 2 crores. The eighth car was ‘Audi Q7’, which cost Rs 33.5 lakhs, the ninth car ‘Ferrari F430’ which cost Rs 2 crore. The 10th car was ‘Porsche 911’, which cost 67 lakh rupees.

1604200270 90 From Bungalow of ₹469 Crores To ₹336 Crores Worth Hotel.webp

Ronaldo’s 11th car ‘Bentley GT Speed’ was the top model, which cost Rs 14 crore. The 12th car was ‘Audi R8’, which cost Rs 10 crore. The 13th car was ‘Audi RS6’, which cost Rs 53.60 lakhs. The 14th car was ‘Maserati Grencabario’, which cost 94 lakh rupees. The 15th car was ‘Ferrari 599 GTO’, which cost 25 crores.

1604200270 136 From Bungalow of ₹469 Crores To ₹336 Crores Worth Hotel.webp

Ronaldo’s 16th car was the ‘Porsche Turbo’, which cost Rs 64 lakhs. The 17th car was ‘Mercedes Benz C220 CDI’, which was priced at Rs 27 lakhs. The 18th car was ‘Phantom Rolls Royce’, which cost Rs 13 crore. While the 19th car was ‘Aston Martin’, which cost 13.4 crores.

1604200270 198 From Bungalow of ₹469 Crores To ₹336 Crores Worth Hotel.webp

CR7 also owns a £20m private Gulfstream G200 jet which has a top speed of 560mph and only 250 of this kind have been made in the World



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