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Sushant Singh Rajput has left everyone speechless . One of the sharp and versatile actor , when takes such a step to end his vital life , how much he would be going through that he chose to end his life rather than finding a solution or sharing his feelings and emotions with his friends and family. Sushant’s friends are in grief and many of them pen-down their emotions.

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One of them is Anand Gandhi, who is famous for movies like Ship Of Thesis, An Insignificant Man, and Tummbad. He took to his social media and revealed the last seen status on WhatsApp.

Anand began his Instagram post by revealing what Sushant’s status looks like now. The post began with the words “Sushant. “Last seen Sun at 9:15 AM.””

Besides this, Anand also shared a video ,where Sushant could be seen smiling and hosting a small group of his friends with snacks on the table. He further wrote:

Sushant. “Last seen Sun at 9:15 AM.” His unchanging Whatsapp status still declares on my phone – an epitaph etched onto a binary stone – more tenacious than granite, as fragile as memory. “Time is but a stubborn illusion, brother.” He would have invoked his relativist hero, part in jest, part in romance, just to inspire an argument from me. “You don’t actually buy into unprovable useless mumbo-jumbo like nth level simulation, do you?” I would have fallen for it.
His smile would widen ear to ear and his eyes pierce through me as he would beam at me. “No.” Gotcha! “Par dil ko khush rakhne ko Ghalib yeh khayal acchha hai (But it’s a pleasant idea to cheer the heart.)” (Running out of space here – read the entire text in my stories).”

Here, check out the post of Sushant’s friend:

Here’s what his entire eulogy read:

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Untitled 27
Untitled 29

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Being a small town boy, Sushant did a lot of efforts to achieve what he was . He will always have that special place in the heart of his fans and loved ones.



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