Famous ‘Khajur’ Used to Struggle For Food, Now this Much Fees He Charges in Kapil Sharma Show


It’s always good to know about the achievement of child artists and to see their skills at such a tender age . But not every child artist is grown up with silver spoon and still doing very well at the work front . One such child artist is Kartikey Raj , popularly known as Khajur in the Kapil Sharma show .

Let’s check some facts about Khajur:Kartikey is a 13-year-old boy from Patna, Bihar, who was given the new name at ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ – Khajur. He became a part of the Kapil’s show in the year 2016. This not only changed his fortune , he also got fame as a young comedian in the television world.

Karthikey Raj may have got name-fame and money today, but there was a time when his family could not get bread for even two times.He had gone through many struggles before he got a chance to act in TV.


Kartikey hails  from Saidpur in Patna and was born in a poor family. His father used to work on daily wages and worked very hard to make his children go to the government school.

There was so much poverty in Kartikey’s house that hardly two-time meals could be made. Sometimes bread and sometimes only rice had to work. Sometimes if pulses, rice, vegetables were made in the house, Kartikeya used to call it a party.


Kartikey used to go to school with his younger brother Abhishek but he did not seem to mind in studies. He used to spend his whole day playing with children in the township. His Bhai asked Kartikey to learn acting. Due to this, he enrolled in a government-aided acting school (Kilkari) where acting was taught. Both of them learnt acting for a long time.


Best Drambaaz Changed Luck:   In 2013, Kartikey’s luck took a turn. In the same year, he was selected in Zee TV’s popular comedy show ‘Best-Dramebaaz’. His family was very happy with Kartikey’s selection in the show. This was a great achievement for the family. After this, the show team took Kartikey and other selected candidates to Kolkata.

Upon reaching Kolkata , Kartikey used to save dry eatable stuffs in the hotel .He was lodged in the AC room of a big hotel. He used to keep all the dry food available in the hotel. When he took that food to home , he told his mother , he had never seen such kind of food and that’s why he stole it.


Kartikey got an eye on Kapil Sharma in the sixth round of the show ‘Best-Dramebaaz’. Kapil was convinced of Kartikey’s acting. He offered him the show. Kartikey auditioned and then got a chance to be a part of the show. After this, Kartikey Raj became famous in the name of ‘Khajur’.

 Kartikey considers his most memorable moment of Kapil’s show ,when he became the son of Aishwarya Rai.

Significantly, 13-year-old Kartikey Raj now lives in Mumbai with some family members and the rest of them live in Patna’s home. Kartikey is continuing with his studies along with acting . The little star now earns Rs 1 – 2 lakh from an episode of a TV show


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