Chetan Bhagat Tries to Troll People Boycotting Tanishq But Netizens Slams Him Brutally –


One of the popular brand Tanishq is a jewellery retail store in India. This brand is the property of Titan Company, which is back by Tata Group and TIDCO ( Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation )

 Recently, Tanishq released an advertisement on interfaith love. However , unfortunately, this backfired the company and netizens accused the jewellery brand of promoting ‘love jihad‘, prompting the company on Tuesday to withdraw it citing hurt sentiments and the well-being of its staff.

Jewellery brand pulls down ad as #BoycottTanishq trends online; Twitterati ask why | Trending News,The Indian Express

The company said in a statement that it was “deeply saddened with the inadvertent stirring of emotions”. The advertisement, it added, had “stimulated divergent and severe reactions, contrary to its very objective”.

Besides, many people including Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, author Chetan Bhagat and actor Swara Bhasker called those asking for a boycott. However, Bhagat was slammed for his “elitist” and “condescending” tweet.


He said, “Dear #tanishq, most people attacking you can’t afford you anyway. And given where their thinking will take this economy, they soon won’t have jobs and hence definitely won’t able to buy anything from #tanishq in the future too. Don’t worry about them.”

His tweet is below:

On his tweet , netizens slammed Chetan Bhagat left, right and center. One of the user said: “Chetan!! Can’t believe you would say something so elitist – whether they can afford it or not, they have a right to respond to an ad in the public domain. Tanishq should have stood by their creative decision and world view,” , “Not everything is about monetary affordability sir. Most people like myself are capable of buying from #tanishq but will choose not to, as a protest against their partisan behavior. Just like most of us can afford your writings but prefer staying away from that cringefest,” wrote another Twitter user.

Have a look at some more tweets below:

The commercial was of 43-seconds. The description of the video read: “She (the Hindu woman in the commercial) is married into a (Muslim) family that loves her like their own child. Only for her, they go out of their way to celebrate an occasion that they usually don’t. A beautiful confluence of two different religions, traditions, cultures.”

Have a look at the video below:

Credit : Youtube



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