Check Out MS Dhoni’s Lush Green 7 Acre Sumptuous Mansion in Ranchi –


Our captain cool, MS Dhoni, like everyone of us, is spending the lockdown with his family. But self isolation is a little different when you’re among the most iconic captains of Indian cricket team. So our favorite captain is quarantined in Kailashpati, his Ranchi farmhouse, along with wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni and daughter Ziva. 

Reportedly, the farmhouse is only a 20-minute drive from his first home in Ranchi. This is a massive seven-acre property which took more than three years to complete.

The farmhouse is mainly characterised by two things: a huge open field and the presence of all things that Dhoni loves. It boasts of swimming pool, an indoor stadium meant to play different sports, garden and many other amenities.

Dhoni’s love for greenery is quite evident as we witness the well maintained green lawns to the trees lined up inside. The entrance has a lot of greens and it all looks so well maintained. 

Apart from the marvellous natural atmosphere on the outside, the house also has spectacular interiors. Built with wood with marble flooring gives it an altogether special touch. The flooring features a combination of shades like cream, soft yellow and greys. 

Other than that, Dhoni’s passion for bikes also reflects in the house. He also has a private parking which is made up of glass.

And let’s not forget MS Dhoni’s love for his dogs. The ‘backyard’ is the perfect playground for his three dogs.

Have a look at some pictures and videos of Dhoni’s farmhouse:

View of Mansion from Outside

Captain Cool’s Opulent Bike Garage

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IMG 20200415 012447
IMG 20200415 012459

IMG 20200415 012507



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