Bollywood Hypocrites Who Sponsored Fairness Ads & Tweeted About #BlackLivesMatter –


Some of our Bollywood celebs are best at being a hypocrite. They always stand up against injustices when it happen in other countries, but when it comes to their own country they always chose to remain silent. When there were protests happening in India, no celebrity openly expressed their opinions. But now with everything going on in the USA, the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police and the widespread protest against police brutality, so many celebs have been quick to post #BlackLivesMatter on their Instagram story.

It’s good that they’re at speaking about racial injustices in the world. But the same actors, who once promoted fairness products, which promotes anti-blackness, are today supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’.

The irony here is startling. How can these celebs endorse fairness creams and simultaneously raise their voice against racism? If that is the case, what are we, as viewers, expected to believe?

Honestly, Abhay Deol is the only valid actor who had the guts to call out his fellow actors about doing such ads.

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A Twitter thread by a user named ‘Anti Pigeon’ has  called out Bollywood actors and their hypocrisy as far as the George Floyd protests are concerned.

Let’s start with our favourite, the one and only Priyanka Chopra.

Of course, the list would feel incomplete without Sonam Kapoor’s presence.

Disha Patani, if all colours are beautiful, why are you promoting being as fair as possible?

Our beauty queen Deepika Padukone is too in the list.

Not just women, Bollywood’s leading men have joined the race to become ‘fair and handsome’ too. And as this Twitter thread points out, actors who haven’t even spoken up.

Look how other users reacted on this:



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