Bollywood Director Anubhav Sinha Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Irreparable Loss of Irrfan Khan –


While the world is battling the deadly coronavirus, we lost a true gem in the form of Irrfan Khan. In a major loss to Indian film industry, actor Irrfan Khan breathed his last on April 29 at the age of 53. His untimely demise has left everyone shocked. He was admitted to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital ICU in Mumbai for a colon infection on April 28. The actor had been under treatment since he was diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumour in 2018.

As soon as the news of his demise came out, social media was filled with condolences. Many Bollywood stars and politicians have rushed to pay tribute to him on social media. Bollywood director Anubhav Sinha penned a heartfelt note for Irrfan on his Twitter account. He wrote,

अभी तो time आया था तेरा मेरे भाई। अभी तो कितना काम करता तू जो इतिहास में लिखा जाता। क्या यार? थोड़ी ताक़त और लगाता भाई। पर लगाई तो होगी ही तूने सारी। ठीक है, जा। आराम कर। दो साल बहुत लड़ा तू। थक भी गया होगा। एक बार बैठना चाहिए था हम सारों को, दारू पीते। पर बैठते नहीं हम।”

Meanwhile, Irrfan Khan’s mother Saeeda Begum died at the age of 95 on Saturday morning in Jaipur. But owing to lockdown, he couldn’t attend the funeral of his mother and paid his last respects to his late mother through a video conferencing session.



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