BJP Leader Tajinder Bagga Exposed The Sick Mindset Of Tik-Tok Influencers


The Tik Tok stars have really called upon misfortune on themselves. First, the roast based on facts by Youtuber Carryminati that really flushed out the brainless influencing skills of TikToker Amir Siddiqui. Now the recent stir is created by his brother Faizal Siddiqui.

BJP’s favorite hot-headed boy, Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga shared a Tik Tok video where we see Faizal promoting Ac!d [email protected] on girls. Such a shocking video is unexpected to be posted by someone who has a followers parade of 13.4M. The video is scripted like the girl has come back to him after she had broken up with him for another rando. He throws water on her face which gives enough cue to be an acid throw. It was even more suggestive because then the girl’s face was made to appear distorted with makeup that looked like burns.

Tajinder posted the video and tagged National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma to take immediate action. He posted it a little after midnight on May 18.

Early in the same morning, Rekha Sharma responded that she will escalate the matter as soon as possible. She would take the matter to the police as well as Tik Tok India.

Here is the video that Bagga posted:

This is what Rekha Sharma replied:

Faizal Siddiqui is a member of the Tik Tok association, Team Nawab. He and his brother, Amir Siddiqui is well known in this video-sharing social networking site. His brother was recently in a soup where he  had posted a long video stating how the Tik Tok videos are more responsible and contents. To make it look brave and worthy he even tagged some leading Youtubers including Carryminati. He got the taste of his own poison when Carryminati responded to his rant with a video (now deleted by Youtube) titled YouTube vs. Tik Tok- The End. The video became an instant sensation. However, as per the rules he had violated the harassment policies and the video got deleted.

Which one is your favorite, Youtube or Tik Tok?

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BJP Leader Tajinder Bagga Exposed The Sick Mindset Of Tik Tok


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