Arun Govil Slams The Government For Not Giving Any Single Award For His ‘Lord Ram’ Role –


Amid the lockdown, re-run of Ramananad Sagar’s Ramayan on Doordarshan has managed to keep the viewers hooked to the small screens. The actors from the show, especially, Arun Govil (Ram), Dipika Chikhlia (Sita), Sunil Lahri (Laxman) and Arvind Trivedi (Raavan) have been expressing their views about the re-run on social media. All are quite active on social media after the show is being re-telecast.

On Saturday, Arun Govil aka Ram did Twitter chat with the Filmfare journalist, Raghuvendra Singh’s and shared lots of interesting things from his professional and personal life. 

In one of the tweets, Arun Govil was asked about his awards and that why he had got none for his performance in Ramayan. Raghuvendra wrote,

“10. आपका योगदान अभिनय जगत में कमाल है, खासकर रामायण में, लेकिन आपको रामायण के लिए भी किसी पुरस्कार से सम्मानित नहीं किया गया…? #रामवार्ता #रामायण” 

Arun then revealed that he has not been awarded by the state or the central governments ever for his contribution. He also added that he has been in Mumbai for 50 years yet even the Maharashtra government hasn’t given him any award. Arun tweeted,

“चाहे कोई राज्य सरकार हो या केंद्र सरकार, मुझे आज तक किसी सरकार ने कोई सम्मान नहीं दिया है. मैं उत्तर प्रदेश से हूँ, लेकिन उस सरकार ने भी मुझे आज तक कोई सम्मान नहीं दिया. और यहाँ तक कि मैं पचास साल से मुंबई में हूँ, लेकिन महाराष्ट्र की सरकार ने भी कोई सम्मान नहीं दिया. #रामायण”

It’s so disheartening that despite giving such a brilliant performance he has not been honoured.



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