Arivum Anbum song: Kamal Haasan reminds us only wisdom and love can protect human race


Actor-politician Kamal Haasan on Thursday released a music video that he has created in collaboration with a slew of noted musicians. The Tamil song has been titled “Arivum Anbum”, which means wisdom and love. And the song suggests only wisdom and love can help humanity overcome these challenging times.

The song is accompanied by some striking visuals of the chaos that was caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. The video also features visuals of the mass exodus of migrant laborers from cities across the country.

Kamal Haasan’s lyrics remind us that we are just a speck of dust in the universe. But, our ability to show kindness and love is bigger than the world. Powered by Ghibran’s compelling tunes, and chorus by Anirudh Ravichander, Sid Sriram, Shankar Mahadevan, Devi Sri Prasad, Shruti Haasan, Kamal and other singers, the song hits right in the feels.

“This was truly a democratic process and each participant recorded his/her part themselves as none of us could meet. It is a collaboration in the truest sense and since everyone shot and recorded it themselves from their homes, I don’t know whom to credit cinematography too. We have entered an era of high-end technology and every one individually sent us their portions which we put together. I have written the song and Ghibran has composed it and all the participants were on board just over a call. This collaboration has made me so proud of my tribe, not just locally but internationally,” Kamal said in a statement.

“Artistes are continuously trying to inject optimism in the masses since they look up to us. The song is a reminder of all that we are capable of and also the fact that tough times don’t last, only tough people do,” he added.

“Arivum Anbum” was recorded by all the artistes from the comforts of their homes and was later put together by Ghibran.

“The difference we can create by being together is all that matters and we have created something together. By looking at the output, I think it is all worth the effort. This song is dedicated to the new world that we all are going to live in after this pandemic is gone!


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