Are Rhea & Mahesh Bhatt Behind Sushant’s Mysterious De@th?, Netizens Wants CBI Enquiry on Both –


Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise has created an ambience of agony. Everyone wants to know why Sushant took such drastic step of committing suicide. Well, the exact reason is still unknown, some people are blaming Bollywood bigwigs for the actor’s death and social media has been flooded with debate about nepotism in Bollywood.

Now, Mahesh Bhatt was trending on Twitter recently after several conspiracy theories with respect to Sushant’s death surfaced.

A few images are going viral on Twitter that suggests that Mahesh Bhatt was actively involved in Sushant’s death. The post stated that all CCTV of Sushant’s complex was shut down since the night before his death, there wasn’t any fingerprint on the rope through which he hanged himself, the duplicate key of his house was missing. The post also makes an unverified claim that Sushant had once told Rhea that he could be killed if he was ever in a relationship with her.

Then came certain claims that Mahesh Bhatt had once stated in an interview that Sushant will commit suicide one day. The posts also suggest that Rhea and Mahesh Bhatt were close, and if the filmmaker’s comment was simply a coincidence or if there’s more than what meets the eye. Linking it all together, the conspiracy theory insinuated that Mahesh Bhatt could be hiding something.

Here’s the viral post:

Netizens were shocked to see this and demanded for an investigation by the CBI. However, none of these accusations were backed by a report. 

Here’s how social media users reacted to the viral post:



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