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Mr. Anand Mahindra , who is the chairman of the Mahindra group , is the coolest one and talk of the town , every now and then . The reason behind this is , Anand Mahindra is very proactive , when it comes to utilize social media handles .

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If we talk about micro-blogging site Twitter, Anand Mahindra has over 7 Million followers . Recently, he shared the clip , which got more than 30k views and 7.9k likes.

He shared a video clip in which an auto driver segregated the sections of the auto in 4 different compartments. It will help people to maintain the social distance while travelling .

As soon as Anand Mahindra , noticed the video , he appreciated the innovation done by the auto driver . He tweeted : , “The capabilities of our people to rapidly innovate & adapt to new circumstances never ceases to amaze me. @rajesh664 we need to get him as an advisor to our R&D & product development teams!”

Let’s have a look at the video below:

He was much impressed by the auto driver that he quickly directed Executive Director, Auto and Farm Sectors, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., to get him on board as an advisor to Research and Development & product development teams.

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This ingenious method will definitely help the scenario when social distancing is a part and parcel of daily routine.



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