An Interviewer Asked Vidyut Jammwal About Groupism In Bollywood, Actor Gave A Befitting Reply –


Vidyut Jammwal is best-known for his performances in high-octane action films like Force and the Commando series. He recently featured in the film Khuda Haafiz, which was one of the seven big films to release on OTT platform Disney+Hotstar.

A few months back, Vidyut in an interview, opened up about his journey as an outsider in Bollywood. Talking about how difficult it was for him to make space in Bollywood, he said,

“Of course, it is very difficult. My father was in the Indian Army and I have grown up in an army environment. I didn’t know anything about the industry, the only thing I knew was the craft that I had, which is training in martial arts – kalaripayattu. I had an ambition for it to reach where it is supposed to, that is, everyone should know about it because it is the mother of all martial arts. From kung fu to karate to jujutsu, everything has come out of it. I came with an ambition like that. I started doing very imperceptible roles in films, I worked as a stunt guy. For me, it was only about that and I am still on that path. Nothing can deter me. About the insider-outsider debate, yes, of course, it is a different world altogether but you need to be ready for this world.”

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When asked if he ever lost out on movies because of groupism in Bollywood, he told,

“I operate in a very different mode. My answers might not be the way you expect them to be. I am a trained martial artist. I have fought in the rings since the age of seven, professionally. The point here is, I am used to being hit and thrown down but that does not stop me or affect me. When you are a martial artist, you are ready to be hit. I must have experienced these things but the ultimate idea is to win the fight and the fight is to just stand every time you fall. I have done it all the time. I must have experienced it, I must have gotten wounded but I let it pass.”

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Correcting a journalist who called him ‘one of the best action stars in the country’ he had said,

“I am the top action star in the world. You are a journalist, you need to be careful. Someone just asked me sometime back, they gave me an option of five stars from India… This is out of great respect to you, by the way… He said, ‘Who do you think is your competition?’ You can’t say that. The world is saying that I am the top martial artist in the world. You can’t put me in any category. People have to be careful. This is out of great respect, I need you to know this. Last year, I got awarded for the best action in the world by Jackie Chan, who is the biggest action star in the world. It was national news. When people still ask me these questions, I find it a bit weird. I really do.” 

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He further told that he is very proud of his action star image and doesn’t worry about being typecast by the movie industry.

“I have been put amongst people like the President of Russia. Do you really think I would think, ‘Oh my God, I hope the industry doesn’t typecast me?’ No. If you excel at something and you are known for it, you should work even harder so that people don’t get disappointed and that’s what I am doing.”



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