An Advocate Calls ‘Stupid’ to Swara Bhaskar on Twitter, Actress Blasts on Him With Badass Reply –


Actress Swara Bhaskar is known for her outspoken attitude, be it in real life or on social media. Due to this, she had always found herself at constant war with trolls. Even though she has proved time and again, that she is armed with words to strike down some of the nastiest tweets, it looks like these online trolls never learn their lesson.

Recently, the actress took to Twitter and urged her followers to help the migrant laborers nearby them by volunteering to fill forms for them. She wrote,

“अगर आप दिल्ली या दिल्ली के आस पास रहने वाले किसी श्रमिक/श्रमिकों को जानते हैं जिन्हें उत्तर प्रदेश या बिहार में अपने घर  वापिस जाना है तो उनके नाम, मोबाइल नम्बर, गंतव्य और अभी वह कहाँ हैं ये सब डिटेल इस फ़ॉर्म में भरें! हमारे साथी आपकी मदद करेंगे!”

However, a lawyer misunderstood her tweet thinking that she is asking the laborers to fill the form through Twitter. He trolled Swara by saying,

“मूर्खता का प्रदर्शन मत करो @ReallySwara, ट्विटर पे कोन मजदूर होगा!”

To this, Swara hit back at him and wrote,

“Tweet दोबारा पढ़ो वकील साहिब.. जाहिल तो नहीं होंगे अगर वकील हो!! लिखा है कि अगर आप किसी श्रमिक को जानते हैं। फ़ालतू की नुख्ता चीनी करने की जगह किसी मज़दूर का फ़ॉर्म ही भर दो!!!!”

It is rightly said that you should always understand the matter completely before misjudging anyone.



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