Amid BJP Leader’s ‘Joote Maro’ Movement, Sunil Grover Clarifies Tandav Is A Work Of Fiction –


Tandav is a story that occurs in the capital city of the world’s biggest majority rules system – DILLI (New Delhi), where it takes you inside the shut, clamorous entryways of force and control and reveal the haziest paths of Indian governmental issues.

Recently, an FIR has been filed against Amazon Prime’s India head of the content Aparna Purohit in Lucknow.

Security outside Saif Ali Khan’s home has been reinforced. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Ram Kadam has held up an objection against the producers. BJP pioneer Manoj Kotak has kept in touch with I&B serve Prakash Javadekar on Sunday looking for a restriction on the web series.

Saif Ali Khan in Tandav

Actor Sunil Grover, who has played the character of Gurpal Chauhan in the series has explained that the show is a work of fiction.

Sunil Grover: Tandav was a new world for me as an actor | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama , he quoted : “The show was shot last year, so a lot of things in it hadn’t happened yet in real life. But they happened later. We discuss politics at home, it’s a part of our lives. Because we live in a democracy, people actively participate in discussions around politics, and they’ll relate to the show,”

Ram Kadam (BJP MLA) Age, Wife, Kids, Biography, Net worth & Family

Meanwhile , BJP member Ram Kadam has begun ‘Joote Maro’ trend. He likewise asked individuals to blacklist Amazon and it’s series. He added that he will go to their office to look for conciliatory sentiment. He tweeted : “It’s been close to 24 hrs and still no apology from Amazon. Seems like they are proud of or don’t regret their demeaning act of mocking or targeting our Hindu Gods. I urge all Hindus to boycott Amazon’s all products be it their shopping site or content platform”

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As per the reports of Republic TV , Ram Kadam quoted: “At 11.30 am, we are going to do a ‘joote maro’ movement at the police station at BKC. From there, we will go to Amazon office and force them to apologise. We will give a strong message, that it was enough; we won’t tolerate such an offending visual even once again”.

Mayawati - Wikipedia

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has also raised her voice against the show. Not a ban, but she is seeking the removal of objectionable scenes. She tweeted : “ताण्डव’ वेब सीरीज में धार्मिक व जातीय आदि भावना को आहत करने वाले कुछ दृश्यों को लेकर विरोध दर्ज किए जा रहे हैं, जिसके सम्बंध में जो भी आपत्तिजनक है उन्हें हटा दिया जाना उचित होगा ताकि देश में कहीं भी शान्ति, सौहार्द व आपसी भाईचारे का वातावरण खराब न हो। “

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UP news: अयोध्‍या के महंत परमहंस दास ने रखी 7 मांगें, पूरी न होने पर जन्‍मदिन पर ही इच्‍छामृत्‍यु मांगी - ayodhya saint sant paramhans das demanded euthanasia from president ...

The saints of Ayodhya have also objected to the show. Mahant Paramhans Das of Tapasvi Chhavni has demanded a ban on the web series and action against the actors. 

“The web series insults Lord Ram and Lord Shiva. It insults Hindu religion. I want to ask Muslim clerics how they would have reacted had their religion been targeted. They issue fatwas at every occasion, why are they quiet now?” he asked. 

मस्जिद के नाम पर जुटाए पैसे से फैल सकता है आतंक', महंत का विवादित बयान - Ayodhya: Mahant Raju Das controversial remark on mosque fund - India AajTak

Mahant Raju Das of Hanuman Garhi said that Tandav was ‘unfortunate’ and it was inappropriate to ridicule the ‘Sanatan Dharma’. “Can the actors in this series afford to insult other religions in this manner? The web series should be immediately banned and action should be taken against those who have made it. If action is not taken, then the saints of Ayodhya will also start their own ‘tandav’,” he said.



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