Alia Bhatt’s Mother Defends Her Daughter After Facing Hatred for Nepotism, Netizen Reacts –


One word which is constantly in debate ,post the sad demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput is nepotism. Currently Bollywood is facing all sorts of questioning and accusations . Netizens have started slamming those actors who are star-kids and many are being targeted.

Meanwhile,  Alia’s mother Soni Razdan has broken her silence on this topic . She has said that the same people who are ‘ranting’ about the issue today will support their kids if they want to join the industry.

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The entire conversation started with director Hansal Mehta’s tweet. He is the director of many award winning films like Aligarh, Shahid and Citylights . His tweet reads: “This nepotism debate must be broadened. Merit counts most. My son got a step in the door because of me. And why not. But he’s been an integral part of my best work because he is talented, disciplined, hardworking and shares similar values as me. Not just because he’s my son.”

Have a look at the post below:

He further tweeted, “He will make films not because I will produce them. I might not. But because he deserves to make them. He will have a career only if he survives. It is ultimately him and not his father who will build his career. My shadow is both his biggest benefit and greatest bane.”

Replying to Mehta’s tweet, Soni wrote, “The expectation that people have because of whose son or daughter you are is much more. Also those who r ranting about nepotism today and who have made it on their own will also have kids one day. And what if they want to join the industry? Will they stop them from doing so ?”

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This is how twitter reacted to Soni’s defend…..

Hansal replied to her tweet, “The debate has been narrowed down to target certain people. Not for the sake of reform or larger good. Before nepotism ends we must work towards reducing hypocrisy and ‘vested interest publicity’. Bullying must end. Bullies must be called out. Not talent.”

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Nepotism has various sub parts as well. If we take an inside look of the factors Sushant was going through were mocking , his contracts being cancelled one by one , which were under the big banner. Also the negligence by star celebs, which he was facing from time to time , that too when he was a great actor with brilliant acting skills . I guess , the terminology ‘nepotism’ is just not good enough to bring out the bitter truth of the glamour world called Bollywood.

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