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The world has become smaller with the advancement of technology . Calling and talking to one another as just a child’s play . Internet has transformed everything and made it more digital. But have you ever thought that the information provided to you on a click of a button can be dangerous many a times ?

Yes, You heard it right … A list has been released by US Cyber ​​Security Company McAfee , which says that there are some celebs whose name can be dangerous for you to search on internet. If we talk about India , names of many celebs have been traced in the zone of dangerous searches.

The reason behind the same is that whenever you try to search these celebs, you are directed to the Malware sites through the Internet. Because of this, your data also comes in danger and many types of viruses can also come in your system. Therefore, it has become necessary to create social distance on the Internet from these celebs that appeared in the list.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Home | Facebook

Popular Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is at the top in this list . Let’s have a look at other celebs who are in the list:

1. Tabu: 2nd position

Tabu on her top 3 favourite characters in films and more...

The second number is Indian actor Tabu. This means that you will have to refrain from searching on the internet about Tabu because by doing this you will inadvertently reach sites where you probably do not have to go.

2. Taapsee Pannu: 3rd position

Taapsee Pannu's latest tweet sends a compelling message in these difficult times - Republic World

Taapsee Pannu’s name has come at number 3 in the list. She is one of the popular name of Bollywood industry and her fans like to search her name . But now that her name is revealed in this list, it is good not to search about her frequently.

3. Anushka Sharma: 4th position

Anushka Sharma, Tabu, Taapsee Pannu and more celebs are amoung Most Dangerous Celebrity 2020, know what about this list

Actror Anushka Sharma has been placed at number 4. Anushka also has Millions of fans and she is in the search engine many times. Ever since she is expecting , people are more eager to know her in person.But it is now complicated .

4. Sonakshi: 5th position

Telugu Celebs on Twitter: "#SonakshiSinha hot looks @sonakshisinha… "

Sonakshi Sinha is at number 5 and she has a huge fan following.Her fans search her name many a times but with the arrival of this list ,it seems that people need maintain distance from their favorite stars on the Internet.

6 Armaan Malik : 6th position

Armaan Malik was once 'held for singing well'

Popular singer Armaan Malik comes at the position 6th . According to the list his name is dangerous to search .

5. Sara Ali Khan : 7th position.

Sara Ali Khan Untold Stories and Interesting Data

Sara Ali Khan has been placed at the seventh position. Post the unfortunate demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput , her name was searched a lot thereafter, in accordance to the drugs case.

7 Divyanka Tripathy: 8th position

Divyanka Tripathi gets 'bored' of playing Ishi Maa

Divyanka Tripathi is in eighth spot. She is an inspiration for many small town girls who dreams of becoming successful and popular . But her name is pretty dangerous to search now .

8 Shahrukh Khan : 9th position

When Shah Rukh Khan Gifted Rajinikanth a Car |

The king of romance SRK is at the 10th position in the list . Celeb with a great fan following and huge stardom is also a part of the list.

9 Arijit Singh : 10th position

EXCLUSIVE - Arijit Singh: There's only one topic that interests me and many musicians in our country - Royalty | PINKVILLA

Super singer Arijit Singh , who is always in the heart of his fans , is a part of search engine many a times.

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Venkat Krishnapur, vice president of engineering and managing director, McAfee India, said as consumers scout the web for free entertainment now more than ever, cybercriminals trailed close behind, capitalising on this interest.

Food for thought: McAfee India MD discovered YouTube cooking channels during lockdown - The Economic Times

“Unsuspecting users often look for free and pirated content such as major sports events, movies, TV shows along with images and leaked videos of their favourite celebs. Bad actors (cybercriminals) leverage consumers’ fascination with pop culture and drive unsuspecting fans to malicious websites that install malware on their devices, potentially putting personal information at risk,” Krishnapur said in a statement.

“When consumers compromise on security in favour of convenience and freebies, they put their digital lives at risk. It is vital that fans stay vigilant, avoid suspicious links that promise free content and think twice before clicking,” he added. PTI

So people !! it’s always good to be aware of what you search on internet …


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