Abhishek Singhvi Trolled Arnab Goswami’s Fans, Gets Trolled By Ashoke Pandit


Lead journalist and Republic TV editor in chief Arnab Goswami’s arrest has taken the nation by storm and has created a bifurcation amongst the Twitter users. While some are protesting the arrest of the senior journalist by Maharashtra Police citing it as a punch on the face of free journalism, a lot of people are standing with the Maharashtra Govt for their bold decision to get Arnab behind the bars.


The arrest was made due to the charges of abetment of the suicide of the interior designer Anvay Nail and his mother, who took their lives in 2018. The reason behind their death was cited in the suicide note written by the deceased, who clearly mentioned the name of Arnab Goswami on it and accused him of not paying the dues of Rs 83 lakhs.

In support of the arrest of the lead journalist, Abhishek Singhvi voiced his opinion like many others on Twitter. He wrote, “Bhakts see their god in Arnab”. In reply to this, eminent filmmaker and social activist Ashoke Pandit wrote that Singhvi should be more concerned about the fact that he and his companions see their mother in an Italian woman, which is a clear indication of Singhvi’s closeness to the Congress party and its supremo Sonia Gandhi. Pandit also accused Singhvi of taking advantage of a woman who wanted to be a judge which was also filmed and released on the internet. He also said that Arnab is hailed as god by a few because he took the responsibility to get rid of the enemies of the nation.


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