A Troll Told Fatima Shaikh To Not “Show Off” And She Gave A Kicka Reply


The moment actresses step into Bollywood, they come under the scanner of people and the media, who never leaves an opportunity to troll you for one reason or the other. Besides the moral police is always behind you, lecturing you about how to dress, how to walk, how to talk, and whatnot.

But we are living in 21st century and our actresses know how to give it back to the trollers with utmost wit and savageness. So, when Dangal fame actress Fatima Sana Shaikh was trolled she came up with the most savage reply to the troller.

Fatima, who was last seen in ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ with Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, is very active on her social media. Recently, she shared a stunning sunset picture on her Instagram. Sharing the picture, Fatima wrote:

“Aaj kal me dhal gaya, din hua tamam..Tu bhi soja so gayi rang bhari sham.”

Here, check out the Instagram post:

The post soon went viral and was flooded with amazing comments from her fans. While many appreciated the actress for the picture, there were many who appreciated the quote she wrote with the picture. However, there was an Instagram user who tried to school Fatima on how to dress ‘appropriately’ as according to him, she wasn’t.

Lecturing the actress on how and why should she dress appropriately, the user wrote:

Aap ku log jo bolre wo sahi bolre zara apna badan ku chupao please i will request u aap musalman hai zara samjho aap please dusrao ku block kardere aap nai karna aisa kya patta kisi ki baat sunle to jannat ka zariya banjai wo aap ke liye . Agar aap ku kuch bolra laga tu mafi chatao.”

Well, the comment soon caught the attention of Fatima Sana Sheikh who came up with the most savage reply to the troller, where she expressed ‘my body, my rules’ but in a hilarious way. She wrote:

“@salman_bazigaar aur aap mere dost. You are blocked.. Mah badan, mah rulz.. Your Gamla, your phool.”

Here, check out the conversation:

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A Troll Told Fatima Shaikh To Not “Show Off” And

A Troll Told Fatima Shaikh To Not “Show Off” And


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