A Reporter Teased Vidya Balan For Her Weight, Actress Gave a Trophy Winning Reply –


One of the versatile actor Vidya Balan , has impeccable acting skills and that’s the reason why she has that huge fan following . Her looks have always been that of a Bhartiya naari , when she acted in the film ‘Parineeta ‘ . But , she broke the monotonous thinking by giving the film like ‘Dirty Picture’ and it proved to be a superhit for her.

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In spite giving the best performances , the actor has been fat-shamed many a times . Vidya has been asked many times that when she is shedding those extra kilos .. But as far as the body type is concerned , Balan seems to be very much comfortable in her skin .

Where all the actors are too much disciplined for their workout and fitness regime, Vidya seems to be a cool one on this part. It was the time when, Vidya was busy in the promotion of her movie ‘Tumhari Sulu’ which made a good impact on the Box office . The story was good enough as it showed the ups and downs of a middle class family and how the lady manages work and home with lots of criticism .

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While having the conversation with media , during the promotion of the film , Vidya was asked a direct question about her weight .

One of the journalist said that we have been seeing Vidya in a lot of women-centric films. Is she planning to change the genre and lose some weight? He even explained his question and said if she will ever think of having a glamorous body.

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The weird question left the actress visibly shocked but she made him quiet by her savage reply. She said “I am happy the way I am and whatever I am doing. At least it will help to change people who have a thinking and perspective like you.”

Watch the video below:

Loosing weight or being satisfied in your skin , is definitely the personal choice of an individual.

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