A Porsche Driver Made to Do Sit-Ups For Breaking the Rules Amid Lockdown –


Amidst this deadly pandemic COVID-19, when everyone is safe and secure at home and this is the protocol , which every citizen has to follow in the nation . During this lockdown , when all the Corona warriors are risking their life , just because to save our’s , in the middle of this , many disturbing elements do not understand the need of the hour and keeps on roaming on the streets and gets that backfire from the police personnels .

Same thing happened in the city of Indore , where a 20YO was driving around in his yellow porsche on the open road. The driver has been recognized as the son of Indore businessman Deepak Daryani.

Indore driver made to do sit ups for taking car out for ride ...

In this tough time , the security council consists of retired personnel from the Army, paramilitary and the police , who stepped forward to get attached with police stations across Indore. The council members stopped him and asked the reason for roaming amid the lockdown. Moreover , he was not following the basic rule of wearing the mask at this crucial time.

He was captured in the video , posted by a social media user . The driver is seen getting out of the car with vehicle papers in his hands, and speaking with the council members.

Have a look at the video below:

Post the council member in a black uniform holding a stick, saw his papers , ordered him to do sit-ups. He is seen holding his ears as he obeys the security person.

Netizens Starts applauding the security who proved ‘Law is Common for All’ and condemns the irresponsible behavior of spoiled brat…

The boy’s family says that he has a curfew pass and driving license, but the city security council officials ostensibly misbehaved with him.

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The father of the boy , Mr Daryani, is the owner of Asha Confectionery in Indore. Sources said he has filed a complaint with the police against the civilians for enforcing traffic law and punishing his son.



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