A Journalist Slammed Babita Phogat For Her Tweet On Tablighi Jamaat And The Wrestler Gave A Fitting Reply


Wrestler turned politician Babita Phogat created a stir on social media with her recent tweets regarding the Tablighi jaamat that increased the spread of Coronavirus pandemic in India. The Commonwealth Games gold medalist, Babita Phogat had tweeted that the ‘Illiterate Jamati’ are a bigger problem than Coronavirus for India.

Well, Babita Phogat had taken to her micro-blogging site Twitter to express her anger after the Nizamuddin incident involving Tabligh-i-Jamaat, which eventually increased the outbreak of Coronavirus in India. For the unversed, roughly 7,600 Indian and 1,300 foreigners went to join the congregation in Delhi last month according to the Union Home Minister. She wrote:

कोरोना वायरस भारत की दूसरे नंबर की सबसे बड़ी समस्या है।
जाहिल जमाती अभी भी पहले नंबर पर बना हुआ है।#jahiljamati”

(Which roughly translates to: Coronavirus is the second largest problem in India.  Illiterate Jamati still remains number one)

Here, check out her tweet:

Her tweet went insanely viral and started a controversy. The wrestler was slammed brutally for her tweet. Popular journalist Prashant Kanojia also took to his twitter and slammed the wrestler for her tweet.

In his tweet, Prashan Kanojia reminded Babita that it was a ‘Muslim’ that made a film on her and made her famous. He wrote:

एक मुसलमान ने फ़िल्म बनाकर फेमस कर दिया वरना इस देश में क्रिकेट छोड़ अन्य खिलाड़ी कई साल बाद गोलगप्पे बेचते नज़र आये हैं। “

(which roughly translates to: A Muslim made her famous by making a film on her; or else, other players in this country, except cricketers, are seen selling Golgappa after many years)

Here, check out the tweet of Prashant Kanojia:

However, Babita Phogat was in no mood to take anything against her and thus came back with a powerful reply and gave it back to him. In her tweet, Babita wrote that a film should also be made on people like him, who are supporting the incident. She wrote:

“एक फिल्म तुम्हारे जैसों के ऊपर भी बनानी चाहिए।।
और उस फिल्म का नाम रखना चाहिए पत्थरबाजों की गैगं।”

(Which roughly translates to: A film should also be made on people like you.  And the name of that film should be the stone-pelting gang.)

Here, check out the tweet of Babita:


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