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Trolling the trolls! How to handle them well :) | by Aviral Agarwal | Noteworthy - The Journal Blog

Trolling on social media platforms is not new and people put disgraceful comments in just friction of seconds without thinking twice. In majority of occasions, females are the ideal objective of these individuals and they assault them violently with the absolute worst words accessible. It is truly difficult to see how these individuals get the boldness to think of this sort of disparaging comments towards females , particularly with the entire world watching them via online media.

Victim of Online Trolling? Here's How You Can Fight Back

Same thing occurred when a female Twitter user had to face a troll . It was seen that the other social media user wrote a silly comment for the social media user named Aanchal Agarwal. He compared her to a whore and accused women like her for being the reason for the current crisis faced by India.


In answer, Aanchal gave a savage response and indicated her amusing side in a splendid manner and guaranteed that Anchal’s answer shut his mouth .

This is the chat between the two Twitter users:


Twitterati cheered Aanchal’s effort as her timeline was filled by positive messages and posts. They praised Aanchal as she decided to battle back against the bad written for her instead of fleeing from it.

Have a look at some of the compliments she got:

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