A Guy Asks Sona Mohapatra ‘Why Feminists Shows Cleavage’, Sona Gives Savage Reply –


Singer Sona Mohapatra made her name in the league of some of the polished singers , by giving her voice in the movies like : Talaash , Fukrey, Delhi-Belly , I Hate love Stories and many more . It’s pretty obvious that she is a melodious artist.

Recently, Sona gave en epic reply to one of the Twitter user. Sona was asked a question that why all feminists have to show cleavage in order to compete with men. The man claimed she was ‘trying to woo’ the Bollywood gang despite being one of their victims.

User’s post reads :“Why all feminists have to show cleavage in order to compete with men… and after seeing ur few interviews i think ur a victim of bolly gang but again ur trying to woo them to be i their gang. wat a dichotomy.” .

Sona replied with a savage answer to the user’s post . She wrote: “I’d suggest you treat the multiple ‘cleavages’ in your brain before talking with anyone, let alone with a ‘feminist’ trying to ‘woo’ the ‘bolly gang’.. (Cleavage, noun : a sharp division; a split.)”


Have a look at their conversation below:

Last month, as Bollywood celebrities were trending #SmashThePatriarchy hashtag on Twitter, Sona suggested how to go about it ‘the right way’. She shared a number of suggestions, from ensuring pay parity between male and female actors to trusting women filmmakers with bigger production budgets to writing more ‘worthy roles’ for women in films.


Sona posted on her FB regarding feminism , in the year 2017. Her post reads : “For me, simply put, feminism means women are equal to men. Neither is inferior or superior. The ideal society in the future would be one in which we all operated & thought as ‘humans’ first & gender did not play a role in the treatment meted out to anyone’s opportunities in the world. While that is a utopian dream in the current day, the reason we need to have such discussions, debates & even fights is to work towards such a future. Attitudinal change in a society won’t happen without the same. This is the ‘good fight’, & worth fighting make no mistake.”



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