A Father Asked Graphic Expert To Edit His Daughter Pic As ‘Hindu Godess Angel’ & Result Is Speechless –


We hear so much about Photoshop gone wrong in pics on social media that we don’t really expect much from it anymore. But the graphic designer Karan Acharya is proving that photo editing can be an art form in itself.

From mythological characters to historical figures, from a toddler to a flying cloud – he transforms anything and everything into something that no common man can ever think of!

He invites requests from common people and designs their taste. He receives requests from people either as emails or through social media who give him different concepts that seed in their minds. Acharya takes up the challenge and finishes it with ease without missing out even on minute details.

Recently, a man requested Karan to edit a picture of her little daughter like a “Hindu goddess angel” as a memory.

00 21 13 karan acharya art 768x824 1

He did wonders for the picture and once again proved that he is a great artist. Watch the edited picture below:

00 21 17 karan acharya graphic designer 768x824 1

For the unversed, Karan got famous in 2015 after a picture of “Rudra Hanuman” in saffron with black outlines went viral. Karan designed this iconic mythological design on his friend’s request for an annual temple festival.

00 24 53 Karan Acharya hanuman painting 768x421 1

The image went viral once it was posted on social media and went on to receive appreciations from everyone including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Karan draws his inspiration from Raja Ravi Varma and he grew up listening to the stories of  Ramayana and Mahabharata since childhood. As a result, these reflections are seen in his artistic works and his interest in using mythological characters for his graphics delights every heart.

We wish Karan Acharya long years of artistic life- a life that he can very well put into transforming lives.



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