A Fan Calls F*ck Off to FIR Actress ‘Kavita Kaushik’, She Slams Him Badly in His Language


As the country is fighting against the novel coronavirus, everyone is advised to stay at home. People are spending their lockdown period either doing household chores or binge watching or on social media.

Talking about social media, it is full of people who love to troll others. Recently, FIR actress Kavita Kaushik became the target of a troll.

It all started when a Twitter user bashed Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli in a tweet which read, “#KanganaRanaut Two sisters are united in thinking India is their grandfather’s property. Rangoli wants 2024 elections to be canceled. Kangana wants a ban on twitter.”

Kavita couldn’t hold herself back from replying and wrote, “I have gushing emotions of love, respect, empathy and more for @iHrithik.” 

However, this particular tweet didn’t go well with another user who abused Kavita and said, “Kawita u TV Star has lost Ur mind, u think u r big star , Fack Person from Fack Industry u have supporting Farah Khan, why ,why there are so many incident happinf in our country muslim are trying to kill our doctors What u have to say about Palghar case. Say something, Fuck off”

To which, Kavita savagely replied, “Errr, shall I FACK off or say something? Pehle decide kar lo na uncle, Big star toh aap hai hum kahaan ,it’s not a Facktual thing like the cock that you are going Fack fack fack fackkkkoff”

Formerly, the actress was trolled for posting pictures of herself in a bikini on her Instagram account.


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