A Fan Asks Swara Bhaskar ‘Why She Supporting Karan Johar’, Actress’s Reply Gets Trolled Further –


The tragic demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has flared up the debate around nepotism in the Hindi film industry. And ever since filmmaker Karan Johar is under constant scrutiny over the nepotism debate. People have been pointing fingers at the filmmaker for sidelining ‘outsiders’ in Bollywood. However, it was Swara Bhasker who recently came in support of Karan Johar.

In one of her latest tweets, Swara states that although Karan Johar is being questioned, he should be given credit for not removing the comments related to nepotism from his chat show. Check out her tweet:

When a fan asked Swara why she was supporting Karan and implied that she may be working with him soon that’s why, Swara, in another tweet, wrote, “I don’t have any projects in the pipeline with Karan … but it is only right and fair to give credit where due!”

Kangana Ranaut was the first person in Bollywood to accuse Karan Johar of promoting nepotism by launching star kids. She also called him the flag-bearer of nepotism in the industry.

Other than Karan, many other filmmakers and star kids are being slammed on social media for encouraging people from within the industry and denying opportunities to talented people from outside the industry.

Due to the constant backlash, Karan has reportedly unfollowed a lot of people on social media and has lost a lot of followers too.



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