A Family in UP Cooks & Eats ‘Ganja’ Sabzi Assuming It As ‘Methi’, This Is What Happened Next –


Usually, when a family member finds a packet of weed in a stoner’s possession, he covers it up by calling it methi leaves! That’s a very simple cover-up, considering how similar methi leaves and weed look.

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In a bizarre incident, a man named Naval Kishore jokingly gave a packet of weed or ganja to a fellow villager’s son, Nitesh, claiming that it was methi. Unaware that it was actually weed, Nitesh gave the packet to his sister-in-law and asked her to cook ‘methi ki sabzi’. The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj district.

Soon after the family of six ate the sabzi, made out of potatoes and weed, their health started deteriorating. They asked their neighbours to call a doctor. While the neighbours contacted the doctor, the entire family fainted. The neighbours then alerted the police after which the family was taken to a hospital.

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When the police started the investigation, they found the cooked sabzi in a cooking pan as well as the uncooked weed left in the packet. The man who sold the weed was also detained. When the police interrogated him, he said, “Maine mazak mazak mein ganje ke pattiya de di thi.”

The police said that a case will be registered after a complaint is filed. The family is slowly recovering and is under medical care.

People should refrain from doing such acts as it can end up in fatal consequences.



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