A Cute Fan Asked Diljit Dosanjh About PUBG, Singer Gave the Most Hilarious Reply –


Since the Indian government banned the mobile gaming app PUBG, social media has been flooded with reactions. Joining the trend, actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh too shared a hilarious meme on the PUBG ban that had many netizens smiling.

Dosanjh shared a meme that featured him and actor Akshay Kumar to show how the government and parents feel about people not being able to play the game. Have a look:

Soon one of his followers asked if the singer also played the popular game.

To which Dosanjh gave a very funny reply. He wrote, “Nahi Bhen Ji Mai SUB-G SUB-G Khelta Hu RASODE MAI”

His reply sparked laughter among people. See how netizens reacted:



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