A Crazy Fan of Dhoni Paints His Home With CSK Colors, Dhoni Gives A Heart-Winning Reaction –


Three-time Indian Premiere League champions, Chennai Super Kings(CSK), have not been able to play as per expectations in the ongoing 13th edition of the tournament. Out of the twelve matches they have played so far, the Men in Yellow have registered wins in only four.

But the unwavering love and admiration of the fans for MS Dhoni is not going anywhere, it seems.

Paying a heartfelt tribute to Dhoni, a die-hard fan painted his house yellow. In what can be called a larger-than-life gesture, R. Gopikrishnan, a Dhoni fan, made sure his house is shimmering in CSK colours. 

Not only the outer walls are painted in yellow but they also sport the CSK logo “the lion”, the tagline “whistle podu” and also a portrait of Dhoni.

Check out the pictures below:

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01 12 52 dhoni fan home1
01 12 50 dhoni fan home2
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01 12 45 dhoni fan home5

Dhoni, who is lovingly addressed as ‘Thala’ by his fans in the South, expressed his gratitude towards Gopikrishnan and his entire family for the sweet gesture in a video posted by the official Twitter handle of CSK. 

He said, “I saw it on Instagram. I think it’s a great gesture. At the same time, you can see that it’s not only about me. They’re the biggest fans of CSK as well.”

He added, “It is not something that can be done easily. You sit, you decide (the colour of the house)…the whole family needs to agree on that. This is something that would stay. This is not like an Instagram or a Twitter post where you post something and change it overnight. This is something that will stay.”

CSK may not be able to perform good in this season but the love of their sincere and loyal fans is still intact and strong!



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