A Congress Leader Insulted India’s World-Famous Artist And Got A Fitting Reply In Return


We have always known politics to take dirty turns whenever logic has failed. Spanning from the darkest whataboutery to adultery, the politicians climbed down the drain to get more juice to taint their counterparts.

Especially in this new era of hyper-nationalism where everything including this virus has been politicised, politics has reached every single household in its grandest incarnation.

The fans love it and yet indulge themselves in these ugly wars from behind their keyboards. This is what makes it fascinating and equally horrendous. In one such incident, two politicos took it upon themselves to fight out the gutter war.

Things turned extremely ugly when national co-ordinator, Gaurav Pandhi took it to a personal level to drown Awanish Kumar Awasthi’s image. He straightaway attacked Awasthi’s wife quoting, “UP Addl Chief Secretary @AwasthiAwanishK is behaving like BJP’s Shakhaboy, against poor migrant workers. Is it because his wife Malini Awasthi does hundreds of shows for UP Govt and hence earning crores from BJP Govt?


Their bank account statements won’t be surprising at all! https://t.co/ht3iNABNuf”.

Now as we all know it is a sin tainting a woman, as Indians have previously taken to battlefields for the same, the woman spoke up with immense panache defending her own image and her husband’s too.

Her response was in Hindi, which when translated to English stands like, “Give proof of this or be ready for legal action @GauravPandhi. Those who look at 48 years of hard work of a woman with maliciousness, if the arrows fall short in the quiver of your disgusting politics, then you would stoop to such a low level? My husband’s character and honesty is exemplified throughout the state.”


This did trigger a Twitter war for sure, however, it is just one replica of politics stooping to its new low as it lacked ratiocination and sense.

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A Congress Leader Insulted India’s World Famous Artist And Got A

A Congress Leader Insulted India’s World Famous Artist And Got A


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