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He leaves the dealer with the new Lamborghini for 275 thousand ...

When we buy something new , we have a special affection to that thing and this affection becomes much stronger , when it’s our brand new car . Now guess, what if car is a super expensive and gets destroyed within an hour?

Yes, you heard it right .. We are talking about an incident which is getting viral on internet . The luxury car, worth about £200,000 (nearly ₹1.9 crore), was destroyed in a crash on the M1 motorway in West Yorkshire, England as reported by BBC

Photo courtesy: Twitter handle of West Yorkshire Police - Roads Policing Unit/ @WYP_RPU

The picture was posted by WYP Road Policing unit ,on the micro-blogging site Twitter . The tweet reads ” It’s only a car ! But on this occasion a 20 minute old brand new Lamborghini that stopped due mechanical failure in lane 3 them hit from behind by an innocent motorist #couldhavecried pic.twitter.com/S1f9YEQGcD— WYP Roads Policing Unit (@WYP_RPU) June 24, 2020

World News : Man debuts his Lamborghini and 20 minutes later it is ...

After being called to reports of a two-vehicle collision near the M1 junction, police officers had shut the motorway in order to inspect the situation. The destroyed Lamborghini and the van that hit it, were both removed from the scene to clear the motorway for traffic,according to the local media . The driver of the van suffered head injuries due to the collision.

Netizens have numerous reactions about this incident .Let’s have a look :

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