A 21 Year Old Woman Gave Birth to a Baby Girl, 3 Men Claims to Be the Father of That Baby –


Last year, in a bizarre incident, in a Kolkata hospital, three men were staking claim to be the father of a newly born baby.

The private nursing home located in Baghajatin in the southern fringes of the city was perplexed over this situation. Even police was clueless and the mother of the kid was refusing to tell the truth. 

A woman named Sapna Maitra was admitted to hospital by Dipankar Pal, who claimed to be her husband. Next day, Sapna gave birth to a baby girl.

Soon things took a bizarre turn when a second man Harsha Khetri reached the hospital claiming to be Sapna’s husband. He later said he realized he had become a dad after seeing the WhatsApp status of Sapna. 

The hospital then contacted the local police station to look into the matter. And s a precautionary measure visitors to the woman in the hospital were also restricted and police protection was provided to the new mother and her baby. 

Police then interrogated the two men. Harsha Khetri came with a marriage certificate and as a result Dipankar Pal was left with no other alternative but to confess that he was just a ‘friend’ of the woman. But the authorities did not allow either of them to enter the hospital room where the newly born was staying.

And now comes another twist. A third man Pradip Roy appeared on the scene the next day claiming to be the father of the new born girl child. He claimed that the woman in question was not his wife but he was the real father of the new born child, further complicating the mystery.

The drama continued till midnight and finally the police were allowed to record the statement of the woman. She admitted that the second man who had come with the marriage certificate was her real husband and the father of the child.

“The woman did not hesitate. She immediately told us that the second person, the one with the marriage certificate, was both her husband and her daughter’s dad,” a police officer told TOI.

She further told that the two got married in April 2019 but the husband’s family refused to accept her as their daughter-in-law. The relationship was “complicated”; the man initially refused to accept her as his wife and married her only after spending some time in prison when she filed a complaint of rape against him.

“We met in a club and entered a relationship but, when she got pregnant, I asked for some time as I thought both of us were too young to start a family. But she got upset and lodged a complaint against me,” the woman’s husband said.

“We finally got married but our families never accepted the marriage and so we started living separately,” he added, confessing that he came to know that he had become a dad- and his wife a mom -only from her WhatsApp status.



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