8 Interesting Rules of Cricket That Even Die-Hard Fans Have No Idea About It –


Cricket is a gentlemen’s game that needs a fixed set of rules to keep it that way! But, with that in mind, there are a few rules of the game which aren’t just strange but, downright absurd! There are a lot of things that players have to observe on the field which we seldom know about. 

Let’s have a look at some weird rules of cricket.

1- Mankading Rule

Named after Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad, it is cricket’s most controversial rule. When bowling a delivery, if the bowler sees that the non-striker batsman has left the crease, he can stop and hit the bails on the non-striker end. As the non-striker is out of the crease, this technically becomes a run-out.

2- Three Minute Rule

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Batsmen are given 180 seconds i.e. 3 minutes to appear on the pitch and failure to do so gets them declared ‘retired hurt’ by the umpire. Of course, some levy is given in extreme cases like a hat-trick spell but, batsmen still stick to the time provided. 

3- The Cap Rule

army cap
India’s captain Virat Kohli sports a camouflage cap before the start of the third one day international cricket match between India and Australia in Ranchi, India, Friday, March 8, 2019. Members and the support staff of Indian cricket team wore camouflage caps as a mark of tribute to the paramilitary soldiers killed in suicide car bombing in Indian controlled Kashmir last month. (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

The ball cannot touch a fielder’s cap or clothes before it lands into his palms. Any surface apart from the hands is considered as the ground. Not only this, if the ball touches the clothes of one fielder and is caught by another, it is still considered not out.

4- Handling The Ball

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The batsman isn’t allowed to touch the ball to stop it from hitting the wicket with either his arms, while batting or his bat while running. If he tries obstructing the ball, it’s declared as an out.

5- Object-Hitting Rule

If a ball hits the roof of the stadium or spider cam floating over the ground, then it is considered a dead ball. Even if it is a sure shot six or catch, it is considered as a dead ball.

6- The Necessary Appeal Rule

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The umpire can only declare the batsman out only if the fielding team appeals. So it doesn’t matter if the batsman is out or not, one should always appeal.

7- Call Back


If the umpire has declared a batsman to be out, the captain of the fielding team can ask the umpire to withdraw it. This is done in extreme cases like a run-out that happened because of a collision between batsman and fielder or other such reasons where the batsman got out unfairly. 

8- The Penalty Rule

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If the wicketkeeper places his helmet on the ground and the ball touches it after being hit by a batsman, the umpire gives five penalty runs to the batting side. This is done to ensure that a boundary doesn’t get obstructed by the helmet. 



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