7 Interesting Facts About Salman Khan’s Bodyguard ‘Shera’ –


Always around Salman Khan, and aware of his every little movement! We’re not talking about any die-hard fan of the Bollywood star, but a man who can die for him — Salman’s bodyguard Shera who has been the actor’s right-hand man for more than 25 years. He is the man who protects Salman Khan from any harm that could ever come his way.

Here are some lesser-known facts about Shera.

1- Born as Gurmeet Singh Jolly in a Sikh family in Mumbai, Shera’s love for bodybuilding has been there since childhood.


2- Before meeting Salman, Shera was a big-time musclehead. He even won the Mr. Mumbai title in 1987 and was second in Mr. Maharashtra contest.


3- He first met Salman Khan at a party in 1995 and it is 25 years now that these two have been together.


4- Reportedly, Salman Khan pays ₹2 crores annually to Shera i.e. ₹16 lakhs per month, which is quite a whopping salary for security. However, being with Bhaijaan has its own perks.


5- Shera also owns his security company ‘Tiger Security’, which serves to the high profile clients and stars.


6- Apart From Salman’s security Shera also serves International celebrities. He was seen guarding famous singer Justin Bieber at his Mumbai concert.


7- Shera has pledged his never-ending alliance to Salman as he believes that the brotherly love they share will continue till their last breath.




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