7 Hollywood Stars Who Wear Wigs To Hide Their Hair Woes –


Celebrities and movie stars always look glamorous. But even they cannot get rid of the male baldness. Actually, there are many male celebrities suffering from hair loss.

While some went ahead with hair transplants, hairpieces or hair systems, others decided to opt for wigs. 

Here is a list of Hollywood actors who are actually using wigs to hide their hair woes:

1- Charlie Sheen

The Two & Half Men star has been rumored to wear a hairpiece for most acting jobs and public appearances, though he has never admitted it in public. Actually, whether Charlie Sheen wears a toupee or not, he would forever leave in the heart of millions of fans.

2- Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew was known for his wild curly and beautiful blonde hair. But, he is bald and wearing some kind of hair system. Pictures on internet shows that Matthew started to get bald at least 20 years ago, meaning that probably only very little of the natural hair on his head still remains.

3- Al Pacino

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Yes, his hair is also not real. The pictures don’t lie, he lost his real hair a long time ago. And now, at every movie and during every public appearance he is wearing some kinds of wig. Moreover, he has several toupees, which he has worn time and again at various events.

4- Jude Law

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The British Academy Award winning English actor and rockstar, Jude Law, seems to have a fuller head now as compared to it was in 2013. The charming actor was spotted with a receding hairline and thinning crown in 2013, but he later made an appearance at the Toronto Film Festival with a curly and fuller head.

5- John Cryer

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The two and a half men star, Jon Cryer, made a revelation about his balding hair supported by the statement ‘an elaborate illusion’. The actor confessed that his strands are “gone now”, and with the help of some talented artists, they managed to hide hair loss, with just a few strands.

He has now embraced the bald look and sports a spectacular beard as well.

6- Daniel Craig

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The Casino Royale James Bond needs no introduction. But this very handsome secret agent wouldn’t have done it right without his wig. The actor started showing the signs of male pattern baldness revealing his receding hairline at the temples. But later made appearances with a head with a fuller mane.

It is sure shot proof that Craig is one of the male celebrities who wear top quality wigs or hair systems.

7- Robert Pattinson

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This is going to break at least a million hearts out there but it must be said. Robert Pattinson, the dashing vampire of Twilight, revealed in an interview that he wore a toupee for the final Twilight saga.

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The Hollywood celebrity had to deal with baldness that happened due to excessive usage of styling products and overbleaching.



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