7 Controversies That Got So Much of Hype for Absolute No Reason –


The year 2017 was a remarkable year. It had truly been a year of major highs and lows and full of controversial events. While some of the controversies were meant to be, there were a few incidents which sparked some unnecessary controversies. Let’s have a look at 7 such unnecessary controversies of the year 2017.

1- Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan ‘smoking’ picture

The two first grabbed attention when spotted together at the Global Teacher Prize gala in Dubai. Months later their pictures from the streets of New York, casually strolling with cigarettes in their hands went viral sparking dating rumours. While Ranbir was trolled for dating a Pakistani actress, Mahira was criticised for wearing a short dress and smoking a cigarette ‘openly’.

2- Priyanka Chopra’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

05 56 08 priyanka modi

PeeCee is making India proud internationally, so her meeting PM Narendra Modi in Berlin was another happy moment. But PC tumbled into the eye of a storm for wearing a knee-length dress at the meeting. Her partly exposed legs made many come after her with virtual pitchforks on social media for “disrespecting” the prime minister. She was flaked for not wearing a traditional dress, and advised not to forget her culture.

3- The ‘un-Islamic’ behaviour of Cricketer Irfan Pathan’s wife

05 56 14 IRRFAN

Cricketer Irfan Pathan was much frowned upon that year for sharing a picture of his wife on social media that showed her finely-painted nails and hands. People on social media questioned his religious beliefs for allowing his wife to do what she was doing.

4- Sunny Leone’s Manforce condom advertisement during ‘Navratris’

05 56 21 sunny leone

Sunny Leone always manages to attract all the controversies. She was again targeted when one of her condom ad was displayed in Gujarat during Navratri. People called her unsanskari for doing that and we don’t know what her fault was!

5- Katy Perry’s ‘current mood’ did not go down well with Indians

06 03 30 katty perry

American singer Katy Perry drew flak after she uploaded a photo of Goddess Kali on her Instagram page and captioned it, “Current Mood”. In no time, social media users, mostly from India, flooded Pery’s page with reactions and comments. Most of these remarks accused her of being “insensitive.”

6- Esha Gupta was slammed for doing a lingerie shoot

06 03 33 Esha

Esha Gupta, drew flak for posting a series of pictures from her lingerie photoshoot, in which she goes from semi-nude to bare-it-all. But later the actress lashed out against haters and gave them a befitting reply.

7- Rage over uninstalling and then installing Snapchat

06 03 39 snapchat ceo

#UninstallSnapchat, became one of the most trending topic in 2017. The hashtag was started to protest against Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel after there had been reports that Spiegel has allegedly called Indians “poor”, and also said that his business can run without India. This, of course, hurt the sentiments of Indians in unison. Soon, people were down-rating the app, uninstalling it, and encouraging others to do it too to teach Spiegel a lesson for badmouthing Indians. Problem was, Spiegel’s comments were not verified in the first place. Later, he also denied making these comments. Soon people started re installing the app.

No, these weren’t the only controversies in India this year. The list is endless.



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