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One of the upcoming name in the Bollywood industry is of actor Vijay Verma. He has done many roles , which were not the lead ones but were equally important and Vijay did full justice with them.The 34 year old actor is known for movies like : Rangrezz, Monsoon Shootout and his most prominent role in the movie Gully Boy . Varma has also acted in Telugu films.

Vijay Verma comes from a Hyderabad based family. But his entrance in Bollywood industry was not that easy.

Let’s see some of the facts about the actor :

1. Ran Away From Home To Join FTII

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Vijay is from a Marwari business background and his father wanted him to join his business. Vijay never watched even the most talked about classic films like DDLJ and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Vijay secretly applied for the Film and Television Institute of India, or FTII but couldn’t make it initially but then , reapplied, and finally made it in, without telling his parents. When he was finally selected, he told his mother, and sent the admission fees through a demand draft, after collecting money from his friends. Upon learning this, his father was so angry, that he ordered him to leave the house before he came back from his work.

2. Had To Be Supported By Friends During FTII

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When Vijay’s father ordered him to leave the house , he did not receive any financial help for his education at FTII. Instead, he had to rely on his friends to support himself to survive. During his stint at FTII, he worked in the production of a number of art films, and television shows, which did not pay that well. 

3. Struggled To Keep Jobs 

Incidents That Shaped Vijay Varma As An Actor

Vijay left his engineering in the middle and tried his luck in fashion designing as a result , his father was miffed at him, He eventually started acting with a local theatre troupe.Also, during FTII, he tried to work on a number of odd jobs – he tried to work as a bartender, as a marketer, as a sales representative, and what not. But every time, he was dissatisfied with his work for some reason, and would quit. 

4. Difficulty In Fitting Into FTII

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Initially, Vijay found it a little difficult to fit into FTII as he was not aware of the movies since childhood that almost everyone who grew up with a television set has watched them at some point. 

5. A Long Period Of Struggle

Incidents That Shaped Vijay Varma As An Actor

It’s been 10 years now that Vijay Verma has been a part of the industry. He made his debut with a film called Chittagong starring Manoj Bajpayee, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Rajkumar Rao, which won 2 National Awards. Many of his films were critically acclaimed and were really well received at film festivals like Cannes. However, they were really unheard of in India.

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It was with the film Pink that happened to be a turning point in his life. He played the character of a bad boy in the movie.

6. Life After Pink

Vijay was much recognized after his performance in the movie Pink. However, most of the roles that he was being offered were very similar to the kinds of films he had been doing and similar to what he did in Pink.

Finally, Zoya Akhtar offered him the role of Moeen in Gully Boy and he totally justified it.

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Now Vijay Varma and actor Jhanvi Kapoor will share screen space together in filmmaker Zoya Akhtar’s short film for Netflix’s upcoming anthology Ghost Stories.



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