6 Big-Budgeted Assets Owned by Bollywood Superstar ‘Ajay Devgn’ –


Ajay Devgn is one actor whose intense performances have won him both critical and commercial acclaim. Post Singham, Ajay has unarguably become one of B-town ace action superstars. The actor has been entertaining fans for four decades and has delivered many superhit movies in his career. Ajay Devgn is one of those top Bollywood stars who owns some ridiculously expensive things.

Here’s a list of some expensive things that Ajay Devgn owns. (Images are for reference purpose only)

A Maserati Quattroporte

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Ajay Devgn’s love for cars is not hidden from the world. The actor owns a Maserati Quattroporte which costs around ₹1.5 crore.

Range Rover Vogue

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Among many luxury cars, Ajay Devgn also owns a Range Rover Vogue costing about ₹2.05 crore.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

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Another expensive car in his garage is Rolls Royce Cullinan which comes at a price of ₹6.95 crore.

Lavish Bungalow In London

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Ajay Devgn also owns a villa at the prestigious Park Lane in London which costs around ₹54 crores. Whenever the actor and his family gets time, they visit their London bungalow to spend quality time.

Hawker 800

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Ajay Devgn was the first Bollywood celebrity to buy a six-seater private jet, which costs around ₹84 crore. Ajay often travels in this luxury jet with his family and colleagues for movie promotions and vacations.

Shiv Shakti

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Ajay Devgn’s bungalow, Shiv Shakti, in Juhu is no less than Amitabh Bachchan’s Jalsa. Apart from this, he also owns two more flats in Mumbai, and a farmhouse in Karjat where he mostly practices the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Also Ajay owns a Uber cool designed house on Malagri Road in Mumbai. The valuation of Shiv Shakti and Malagri Road’s property amounts to ₹50 crore.

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