5 Unusual Rules Nikki Bella Had To Follow While In Relationship with John Cena –


John Cena can be considered the most child-friendly superstar in WWE. The man leads his life based on the rules and principles that he had created for himself. His workout routine, his diet, his commitment to being in his best physique, no matter how busy his schedule maybe, everything seems to look like words engraved in stone.

The most surprising headline to come out of 2018 was the separation of John Cena and Nikki Bella. But do you know Cena has made Nikki follow some bizarre rules throughout their six-year relationship?

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Here are 5 bizarre rules that John Cena used to make Nikki Bella follow when they were in a relationship:

Formal Dressing

A rule Cena put in place is both he and his guests dressing up for dinner; the men must wear suits while the women must also dress appropriately. Cena put this rule in place for Sunday dinners, as shown on Total Bellas.


Cena credits stretching as a big part of his fitness routine. So much so that he takes as long as an hour to stretch before every workout session. He held Nikki in the same regard. Following a similar plan to John’s, Bella was forced into stretching out for several minutes prior to lifting big weights on the squat rack.

No Sharing Of Assets

This was a rule Cena established early on. Things weren’t shared between the two; instead, Cena put a focus on what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours.

Separate Buckets For Dirty Clothes

Most of us are accustomed to throwing our soiled clothes in one laundry bin. However, Mr. Cena has a different rule and one that caught Nikki off guard when she moved into John’s home. John doesn’t throw his clothes into one bin; instead, he has two. One bin is specifically for gym clothing while the other is for everyday clothing.

A 75-page Contract

This was the most bizarre scenario that Cena actually put on paper. Once again, Bella was none too pleased that she was forced into signing a 75-page document in order to live with her former boyfriend, and we can understand the frustration. Later, Cena agreed to be wrong about this move.



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