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IPL is entertaining its viewers since many years but we can only see it’s glamorous side and not the dark one . From betting to match fixing , many allegations have been a part and parcel with this league. Cheerleaders are also an important part of IPL but many things are there which our viewers might not be aware of.

Here presenting you some of the dark secrets of the IPL cheerleaders:

1. Racism

If we compare Indian dancers to the foreign ones , audience prefer to see white skin girls . This has actually led to the racism in the nation . According to a report, along with it, some cheerleaders have stated that the organizers don’t want Indian girls to wear skinny outfits which is also a kind of racism. Due to such narrow-minded people, many skillful artists are not getting opportunities to showcase their talent.

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2. Bollywood Gigs

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IPL cheerleaders not only perform at IPL , they are also a part of Bollywood dance group , in the background. They come through agencies which also supply dance troupes to Bollywood. In one of the interactions, a cheerleader has even admitted that most of the girls of their group have done background work in the Indian film industry. She also added that her Bollywood gigs helped her in learning few authentic Indian dance moves.

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3. After Parties

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IPL has everything lavish and well planned . All cricketers and people related to them enjoy after parties . The authorities organize after-parties where the players can relax and enjoy a get together following their grueling on-field activities. Once a cheerleader named Gabriella Pasqualotto revealed that some Australian and South African players behaved inappropriately after getting drunk. There were also speculations that the match-fixing discussions took place in the parties.

4. Payment Issues

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The life of Cheer leaders seems more of a happening type as by seeing them anyone can say that they are more than happy and living larger than life . But in reality , they have payment issues . It depends from franchisee to franchisee , the payment they do. One of the incident was when , two Ukranian cheerleaders who worked for the Rajasthan franchise confirmed that sometimes their payments are not issued on time. They also complained about the problems related to food and necessary support items which are not usually available during their travel. The accommodation of the cheer leaders is too basic . They are provided 1 star hotels having hygiene problems .

5. Exploitation

Hottest IPL Cheerleaders | Hot And Sexy IPL Cheerleaders Who Light up The Venues | SEE PHOTOS | Cricket Photo Gallery | India.com Photogallery

When we talk about the safety of females in India , it’s quite suspicious. In the past, the league has also faced a couple of incidents of women harassment. Although they are always seen with a pleasant body language but are uncomfortable at many situations and have raised the security concerns many a times. According to a cheerleader, most of the Indian audience treat them like sex dolls. They shout out words that contain a high level of obscenity. One of them has also stated that here the fans undervalue their art form. She went onto add that they also have to wear uncomfortable outfits that are not properly designed.Even the franchisee people doesn’t show respect to these artists.

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