5 Trailers of Bollywood Movies Which Got Most Number of Dislikes –


The issue of nepotism was at the peak , post the sad demise of one of the brilliant actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Audience has still not forgotten the same and seems to backfire the film-maker Mahesh Bhatt . This was seen by the no. of dislikes , which the trailer of Sadak 2 got, soon after the release.

On this note , we have brought to you some of the movies which got most dislikes on the trailer release.

# 1 Sadak 2 Trailer

Star kids have been the recent target of the audience and they have actually decide to boycott all the movies , star kids have been a part of. Currently, the dislike-like ratio is unfavourable for the director Mahesh Bhatt. Right now, 5.8 Lakh people have liked it and 1 crore have disliked it.

# 2 Race 3 Trailer

What say about this one? Race 3 proved to be a disaster and the mini trash was shown in the trailer . When it’s a Salman Khan movie, you have his blind fans who will approve of any content that he shows on the screen. So, 6.7 Lakhs people liked it but 2.3 Lakhs viewers went by what critics felt.

# 3 MSG The Warrior – Lion Heart Trailer

Who doesn’t know about the fraud guru Ram Rahim . He had a blind fan following , who used to call him a man of God. With his film trailer MSG , audience slammed it when 49K people liked the trailer but 28K detested it.

# 4 Befikre Trailer

When actor Vaani Kapoor had gone through transformation , it didn’t go well with many people. Her movie Befikre with Ranveer Singh had an equal proportion of likes and dislikes. If 1.3 Lakh people loved the trailer, 53K people detested it.

# 5 PM Narendra Modi Trailer

With actor Vivek Oberoi , playing the lead role in the biopic of PM Narendra Modi ,failed to impress the audience. If 8.6 Lakh people liked the trailer, 3.6 Lakh disliked it making it the ratio of 60:40.



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