5 Surprising Facts About Sushmita Sen That Even Her Die-Hard Fans Don’t Know –


Sushmita Sen is the best example of ‘beauty with brains’ in Bollywood. The actress is a diva in a true sense and acts as an inspiration for all the women out there. Sushmita has won hearts with her striking personality, grace, fashion statement and charming looks. From being a Miss Universe, dabbling in films, to being a brave single mother of two adopted daughters, Sushmita has done it all.

A champion for various causes, the former Miss Universe has always kept her personal life away from the spotlight. Last year though, during an interview with Rajeev Masand on Women We Love, the 44-year-old revealed some extremely shocking facts about herself.

1- Why she doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram

Sushmita Sen enjoys 5 million followers on Instagram but she follows no one. Her bio reads, ‘Sushmita Sen I AM’. Speaking about why she doesn’t follow anyone, she said, “I don’t follow anybody on Instagram because that’s not what I got on it for. I got on and stayed true to it and I will tell you my life with as much honesty as I have lived.”

2- Miss Universe competition: A Sushmita – Aishwarya swap?

1593076941 993 5 Surprising Facts About Sushmita Sen That Even Her Die Hard

Did you know she almost lost the opportunity to participate in the Miss Universe pageant? She told that she lost her passport right before she was supposed to leave. “I did not lose my passport. It was given to Anupama Verma, then a very famous model and she was also a co-ordinator for events. She had my passport for a show in Bangladesh. She needed it for some ID proofing. So I very confidently told Miss India, ‘Don’t worry my passport is very safely with Anupama Verma’. She couldn’t find it.”

Organisers of Miss India suggested that the Miss India pageant’s runner-up, actor Aishwarya Rai be sent in her place instead to the Miss Universe pageant. Meanwhile, Sushmita could go for the Miss World pageant. The organisers said, “Miss World is in November and we’ll figure out your passport till then”. But Sushmita was in no mood to let go. She told her father, “If I can’t go (for Miss Universe) then nobody else can.”

As is now history, both Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen ended up winning their crowns of Miss World and Miss Universe.

3- Sushmita didn’t wear a designer gown for the pageant

1593076941 955 5 Surprising Facts About Sushmita Sen That Even Her Die Hard

The gown which Sushmita wore for the final round of Miss India was actually not a designer one. In fact, it was stitched in a local tailor shop in Delhi. Even the gloves that she wore were made out of socks trimmed by her mother.

4- She’s the first Indian to bag the Miss Universe title


She was the first ever Indian to win the prestigious crown on May 21, 1994. The timeless beauty was a mere 18 years old but still managed to impress everyone with her final answer. After her, Lara Dutta is the only other Indian to win the title. 

5- Born from the heart: Sushmita’s take on adoption

1593076943 978 5 Surprising Facts About Sushmita Sen That Even Her Die Hard

While other Bollywood divas were busy competing with each other, Sushmita got out of the rat race. She adopted her first daughter Renee when she was just 24. In fact, she is the mother of two daughters, having adopted her youngest Alisah as well. And here’s how she explained Renee the meaning of adoption. 

“We started playing opposites like tall-short, etc and then I said adopted and biological,” Sushmita said, “I told her, ‘Biological is boring… everybody is born from somebody’s stomach. Why would you want that? You’re special because you’re born from the heart’.”



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