5 Popular Female News Anchors Of India And Their Lesser-Known Husbands –


While a lot of news anchors are celebrities in their own right, they usually aren’t in the public eye as much as actors. Because of this, we tend to recognize news anchors’ faces and names from television, but we don’t usually get as many updates about their personal lives.

Celebs are often seen with their significant others at events and parties, but news anchors often live more private lives. Let’s have a look at these news anchors and their husbands.

1- Rubika Liyaquat

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Rubika Liyaquat is a top journalist among her contemporaries, who is working with ABP News. She hosts a debate show wherein she literally slams down big names with her clear cut facts and no-nonsense attitude.  Formerly, she used to work for Zee News. She got married to journalist-anchor Naved Qureshi in 2012.

2- Shweta Singh

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Known for her much intimidating persona, 41-years-old Shweta Singh is an active reporter who works for Aaj Tak. She is married to Sanket Kotkar, who is a software engineer from Maharashtra.

3- Anjana Om Kashyap

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Executive editor of Aaj Tak, Anjana Om Kashyap, has thrown light into a lot of political scandals and loopholes in the country. She is married to an IPS officer Mangesh Kashyap. Now that’s a power couple!

4- Neha Pant

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At present, Neha Pant is one of the very sought after anchor working with News 18. Before joining News 18, she was working with ABP news. Neha is married to the Assistant General Manager of Vodafone, Mayank Pant.

5- Chitra Tripathi

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Chitra Tripathi is one of the notable news presenters in India’s leading news channel, Aaj Tak. Chitra married journalist-anchor Atul Agarwal in 2008.



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