5 Ordinary Indians Who Did Extra-Ordinary Contribution to Fight Against Coronavirus –


The COVID-19 pandemic is a deadly one , which has taken many lives globally. Various countries are suffering and having scarcity of various basic things ,from the medical kits to provide the proper food supplies, they have to have all the proper money and availability.

When we talk about our nation , government has taken all the necessary steps and actions to keep the track of the requirements . They also initiated the donations and funds which are carried out in the proper hierarchy and many big shots of the nation did a great job by providing donations for the needy people.

But do you know the people , who spent their earning for lifetime and donated the same for COVID-19? They all are senior citizens , who did a great job which is appreciable.

The money which they could easily save for their life has been given by them for donations . The list of such 5 people is as under:

1. Subhash Chandra Banerjee

The elderly man , Mr Banerjee belongs to Kolkata city became popular among the citizens . They asserted that no corporate can match the retired professor’s donation towards the Coronavirus relief fund. Mr. Banerjee is 82 YO and reside alone in a flat near the Dum Dum airport . His monthly pensions are the medium of his survival . However, recently he waved to the patrolling officers in his locality and upon their arrival told them that he wished to donate Rs 10,000 to PM Cares Fund, which he saved from his pension money.Mr. Banerjee asserted that the major part of the salary goes in his medication , so he is able to manage for 10K only. That’s a great contribution on his part.

2. Khalida Begum

COVID-19: 5 Senior Citizens Who Donated Life Savings

Senior citizen who is 87-year-old, named  Khalida Begum is the native of Jammu & Kashmir. She saved a good sum of money for her Hajj tour. However, amid the COVID-19 outbreak she felt the money needed to be put to much greater use.  That is when, impressed by the relief work being carried out by RSS-affiliated ‘Sewa Bharti’, Khalida Begum decided to donate her entire savings of Rs 5 lakh to help those in need. Thta’s a big amount for a normal citizen , I must say. We salute such people in the society .

3. Smt. Lokamani

COVID-19: 5 Senior Citizens Who Donated Life Savings

A female named Lokmani , who is the resident of East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh made extra efforts and donated her monthly salary of Rs 3,500 as she is an attendee in the private hospital . She gave away her salary to get cold drinks for the entire police staff that was on COVID-19 duty in her locality and was working despite the extremely hot weather. That’s a great gesture .

Andhra Pradesh DGP, IPS officer Gautam Sawang recently appreciated Lokamani’s thoughtful gesture and thanked her for her kindness via a video call.

4. Devaki Bhandari

COVID-19: 5 Senior Citizens Who Donated Life Savings

The senior citizen of Uttarakhand , who is 60-year-old ,Smt Devaki Bhandari has spend a part of her life as a social worker. Her life savings , which she earned from the hard-work all her life , was donated to PM cares fund The amount she donated is Rs 10K . This is a bold step indeed.

5. Ganesh Das

COVID-19: 5 Senior Citizens Who Donated Life Savings

This is an elderly man , who is an auto driver in Lower Dibang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, gave Rs. 1000 to SP Sanjay Kumar Sain He gave this amount in order to contribute towards the Arunachal Pradesh Police Force’s attempt to feed the old and migrant workers stranded in the town of Roing. Officer Sain, added that Mr Das said this was his way of giving back to the town that looked after him for so long. 

These people deserve applause , as being a senior citizen , they all did not think of themselves but the Nation first . We salute them …..



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