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Actor Aamir Khan who is also known as Mr. perfectionist often make headlines for his work . He has done many wonderful roles and always been praised by the audience. But one of the negative thing related to this ace actor is that , his name is attached to the controversies every now and then . Some are due to his passed statements and the others are for his actions

Today , lets see some of the controversies related to him:

Amir khan's dog name Shahrukh. The feud between Aamir Khan and Shah… | by India's Story | Medium
  1. The time when he named his dog Shahrukh. In one of his blogs, he mentioned how Shahrukh has been licking off his feet and eating biscuits thrown at him. Later he mentioned that it was about his pet dog, Shahrukh! He did create his own cold war with the fellow Khan for some time.
Oops! Aamir Khan forgets Chetan Bhagat's name | PINKVILLA

2. The time he did not give credit to Chetan Bhagat and used the storyline of Bhagat’s work Five Point Someone for the movie 3 Idiots.

Aamir Khan shows his 'real' emotional side and doesn't hesitates to cry in public

3. One time he even declared publicly that Amitabh Bachchan is not a good actor. That seemed pretty daring given the seniority he holds in the industry. Also, given Bachchan’s age, he gives more films in a year than Aamir Khan any day. As per Aamir, after he watched the movie Black, he thought Amitabh’s work was average. This definitely created a rift between the 2 actors but obviously, as work beckons, they both worked together after the controversy.

PK (film) - Wikipedia

4. For his movie PK, Aamir shot butt naked for the poster, and that brewed a lot of hate as it defied the Hindu values in India.

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5. Another time he said that his wife Kiran Rao is scared to stay in a country like India on a national platform. This was taken up as a hypocritical statement and stirred up a controversy.

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