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With a few OTT stages , comes the decision of many intriguing web series and individuals are really preferring it . One of the most cherished is the Amazon Prime Show Mirzapur . With the arrival of the subsequent season , it has collected an immense TRP .However , a few characters of the series are familiar to the characters of the film Gangs of Wasseypur.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Kaleen and Munna’s relationship is exactly like Ramadhir Singh’s relationship with his son, J.P. 

Kaleen Bhaiya and Munna Bhaiya speaks on Mirzapur 2 - YouTube

Much the same as Ramadhir Singh continually affronts his child, who he feels is a loser , Kaleen bhaiya too feels his child, Munna, is an awkward one.

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2. Both Munna and J.P. plan their father’s assassination because they feel insulted.

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Both Ramadhir and Kaleen likewise squander no possibility of offending their children, which at last is the thing that provoke their children to plan their killing.

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In the movie , Fazal helped J.P. to end the life of his father, while in Mirzapur, Munna asks his best friend Compounder for help .

3. The unintentional role of Ramadhir Singh and Kaleen Bhaiya’s aides in their downfall. 

Ramadhir Singh’s companion and associate, Ehsaan Qureshi fails to murder Sardar Khan and lies about it to Ramadhir Singh. At last, Sardar Khan grows up to become Ramadhir Singh’s greatest opponent.

Despite the fact that not totally the same, something comparable occurs in Mirzapur, when Kaleen Bhaiya’s helper Maqbool acquaints his nephew Babar with Guddu and Bablu. At last, Babar loyalty to Guddu and Bablu and winds up giving data about Kaleen Bhaiya’s business to Guddu and Golu in Season 2.

Mirzapur Trailer

In fact, it comes to a point where Maqbool fails in killing Babur, even on Kaleen Bhaiya’s orders. And ultimately, Babur joins Guddu again. 

4. Both, the show’s second season, and the film’s sequel, are essentially revenge sagas. 

Nawazzuddin Siddiqui

Gangs Of Wasseypur  2 ,saw the rise of Faizal Khan, who vows revenge on Ramadhir Sigh, even in Mirzapur 2 , the rise of Guddu and Golu, was seen both of whom are fueled by their desire to take revenge on Munna for killing their loved ones. 

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5. Both Faizal and Guddu start new businesses to keep them afloat. And in both cases, they join hands with an outsider with dubious family connections. 


In Gangs Of Wasseypur 2, Faizal works with Shamshad for the sale of scrap iron. Later, he also gets into business with Iqlakh, whose parents were forcibly divorced by Faizal’s father. In Mirzapur 2 as well, Guddu and Golu first get into business with Lala for the smuggling of opium and later they get into business with Bharat Tyagi, whose family is already in business with Sharad and Munna


Presently, regardless of whether these are simply co-incident events or the makers were basically inspired by Gangs Of Wasseypur ,it’s a mystery .All we can say that both are a worth watch.



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